Friday, July 13, 2012

7 Healthy Snacks

1/4 Cup Frozen Grapes These are one of Savannah's and Court's favorite snacks!
Cut bananas in half, peal, and stick the stick in at least half way.

Place bananas in the freezer, and you have Frozen Banana Pops! Bananas and watermelon are Xander's favorite fruit. If he could that is all that he would ever eat.

Watermelon sticks

Cucumber Watermelon Cups ( you could put any kind of fruit or veggie salad in these!) Savannah loves them and Xander just tries his best to steal all of the watermelon, leaving the cucumbers. He loves watermelon!
I really wanted to make some kind of treat that the kids could have instead of a Popsicle or ice cream so this is what I came up with. It's so simple! Just put your fresh watermelon in your blender. Puree, pour into cups, and freeze!

They really are good! Savannah and Xander love these! I do too!

Frozen Chocolate Almond Coconut Bites Recipe Found HERE

I couldn't believe how much Savannah liked these! These will be Savannah and Xander's snacks in place when others are having cake, cookies, or cupcakes.

Savannah and Xander love frozen Vegetables! Peas, corn, and mixed. I was making dinner and Xander stole a carrot! Is it weird that that made my day! LOL!

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