Thursday, March 26, 2015

Family Pictures, January 2015

These are just some of the extra Camera Shy pictures we had taken in January. Addison was just 3 months! Time has gone by so fast!! Her big brother and sister just adore her!!

I LOVE these pictures of Xander!! This is his handsome smile!!! I love my little boy!

Addison's Blessing

In the LDS church, babies are not baptized. It is our belief that individuals can be baptized starting at age eight, because that is when they know right from wrong. When a baby is born into an LDS family, rather than being baptized the baby is given a blessing. In this blessing, the baby is officially given their name as well as a blessing unique to the individual. It is a very special blessing.

These are some pictures of Addison in her blessing dress! She wasn't in the best of moods but I just love them! I know it's not the norm but Addison is wearing the same dress that Savannah was blessed in.

Getting ready!

Addison was blessed on the same day as Savannah was baptized. It such a beautiful day and we were so lucky to have most of our family and close friends there with us on our girls special days! We love our Addison Claire Love.

Savannah's Camera Shy Baptism Pictures

We took Savannah and Addison to Camera Shy to get some pictures for Savannah's baptism and Addison's blessing. The photographer did an amazing job! She had Savannah laughing and really captured her! We loved all of the pictures!! Savannah's favorite were the ones of her holding Addison! They are so adorable!!

Sister-Matching Dresses!

My beautiful girls!!!
Ive always thought it would be so fun to have two little girls and always put them in matching clothes! I know that's very silly but,I think it is so cute! Maybe it's because I don't have any sisters. Savannah loved wearing the samish dress as her little sister!! She gets so excited when she gets to wear it with Addison on Sundays! It almost didn't work out. Addison is wearing the smallest size and Savannah is wearing the largest size in the dress. Hopefully Savannah will be able to wear it for a while!

Girls/Boys Night!

For weeks, Savannah had been saying we were going to have a girls only night. She was very specific about it! We were going to have only the girls, watch little mermaid 2(I have no idea where she heard there was a little mermaid 2, we had to order it from amazon!) we had to do a craft, and get a chocolate cupcake with a cherry on top! She talked and talked about it and kept asking every day if it was the day. I felt like we just had to do this because she had her heart set on it so we set a date! The boys went out to do guy stuff and we had dinner, watched the little mermaid 2, and painted! I even got cupcakes! It was so much fun to see how excited about everything Savannah was! We have to do girl nights more often!

The boys even came home with some flowers for us!! They are the best!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Savannah's Amber/Sofia The First 8th Birthday Party

 For Savannah's birthday, she wanted an Amber birthday party. It took a while but I finally figured out why she wanted an Amber party and not a Sofia the First party! Savannah loves that Amber is a big sister! Savannah is just so excited that she has Addison for a little sister so she feels that she is like Amber and Elsa from Frozen(BIG SISTERS!)! It's awesome!

Savannah had such a fun time at her party with her cousins coloring, having a tea party, making necklaces, & playing pin the amulet on Sofia! They are the greatest girls ever! We love them!

 Savannah is such a Joy! Happy Birthday Savannah!!!