Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Plant A Garden

 On Memorial Day, we planted a garden.

 Most children are captivated by watching and helping things grow, They are great little helpers in the garden!  Savannah and Xander just love being mommy's little helpers! They have a sense of wonder and enjoyment in gardening and nature that can lead to  life-long good habits of  healthy eating and a greater awareness of the cycles of nature.

Savannah and Xander taking a little brake!

 I love having a garden! I love all of the fresh vegetables and it's really neat that we can eat what we planted. I love being able to just go out to our garden to pick out fresh vegetables to make dinner for my family with! This summer I plan to can green beans, pickles, and homemade salsa from our garden! I really want to can homemade sugar free jam too!

Xander is a total monkey! He climbs everything!

They turned the into little pools! They had so much fun splashing and playing in the water!

After the kids were done playing in the water, it was defiantly bath time! Savannah has decided that these are her ropes! She even sleeps next to them.
I am so jealous of his eyes and lashes! I love him!

Jump on daddy!!!

Market Skirt

This is my pattern free attempt at a market skirt! I love how it turned out and it's a fun summer skirt for Savannah!

I straightened Savannah's hair and I can't belive how log it is getting! I love my little red!!

Here is where I found a tutorial on how to make this cute skirt! I think I just might have to make another one!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Savannah's Preschool graduation Picnic

Yesterday was bitter-sweet. It was Savannah's Preschool graduation. All of Savannah's teachers are amazing! They do such a great job and I feel as though they treat Savannah as though she was their own! We won't know where Savannah will be going for Kindergarten  until sometime in the middle of the summer but, she will be going to a small class. This is hard to know that she won't be going to a normal Kindergarten but I know it will be best for Savannah. I know that she will continue to thrive in a small class setting and not get lost. I have also talked with the vision therapist who will be working with her. She is very nice and we are going to start Savannah with Pre braille and possibly cane training next fall. She will see what all we need to be doing with Savannah to help to prepare her for things to come easily  and natural to her when she needs them.
The kids sang a few songs! It was so cute! I tried to watch while chasing Xander all over the classroom :)
Savannah received a graduation of Preschool certificate!

This is Savannah's teacher and she is just amazing! We couldn't of asked for a better teacher! I wish she could take her with her to Kindergarten!

These are some of the amazing women who have made a great impact and touched Savannah and our lives forever! We love you all!!

Some of Savannah's friends!

This is the sweet little boy who kissed Savannah! His parents said that he talks about her all of the time!

 We had a little picnic in the classroom, and I think Savannah's most memorable part of the day was that she got to eat a quarter of a cupcake! One of the teacher's aids had baked cupcakes and made them to look like a caterpillar. It was so cute! If you ask Savannah what she did at her preschool graduation picnic, she will tell you that she got a cupcake with colors!!

I am so proud of my sweet, adorable Savannah! She is so kind and loves everyone! She lights up the room with her smile and attitude! She is so smart and is surprising us each day! She is becoming the best big sister ever and loves her little brother! She is always doing and saying the cutest things and she just loves nature and animals! I love you Savannah!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Countdown

        The other day it hit me there was only 6 more days and school will be out. Yikes! This is Savannah's last week of preschool. I can't believe it! We decided to make (sun) summer countdowns! I went a little crazy with the craft supplies!

 I know they look like flowers but Savannah wanted them to be suns, so they are!

Savannah cut hers out all by herself, while I just held the paper! I am so proud of her!!
I wrote on each chain something that we want to do before summer, such as, have a picnic, read a summer book, eat dinner outside,  and Savannah's favorite, find rainbows and stars!

Xander didn't want to pose for a picture  :(
Our beauitful Sun Summer Countdowns!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fresh, Healthy Snacks

 Savannah and Xander don't know when they are full and they always fill hungry.  This is one of my hardest challenges and one of the things that I hate most about their syndrome, (BBS.) We are very careful with everything that they eat and try our best at keeping their calories at 700 per day but, at the end of each day their syndrome wins. This is very hard for me and I take it very personal. Most days I feel as though I have failed yet again as their mother. I have failed them. I have spent many hours baling my eyes out over this because I just don't know what to do and I don't have any answers and no one else seams to know either.
 But, I can't just give up! I will keep trying. Even if I fail a million times! I will just become an expert! Maybe one day they will find a cure for this and why their bodies are this way. One day...

Savannah has meltdowns every day because she says she is hungry. Even, just as I'm cleaning up lunch she comes to me and says she is hungry and she wants lunch.At family events and get togethers we have to clean up other kids plates because when all of the other children are too busy and want to play with the other kids Savannah and Xander will go plate to plate. It's like if there is food out they can't take their minds off of it and can't think of anything else. We cant leave food out on the counters. The minute I leave the room they will find it. I feel so bad because it is not their faults. They eat very healthy overall. It is even harder with Savannah because she now knows she can ask for food. She has always had the bigger weight issue, since she was about 2 months old she has been in the 90% or off the charts for her weight. And I feel so guilty that I gave her this. She has to live with this the rest of her life because I gave her these genes, this syndrome. I had a very hard time with my weight growing up and I never want her to feel the way I did and that I do about myself. I just want her to know how beauitful she is inside and out and what anyone thinks doesn't matter. I want her to have good self esteem. I am hoping that being given healthy foods now and to teach them about healthy eating habits now will help to make it easier on their as they grow to make their own good healthy eating choices. Here are some healthy snacks that we like!
Apple Slices with granola and peanut butter
Grapes, Carrots, coli flower, and broccoli

Fresh on the go snacks

Frozen Low Fat Yogurt Bites (How to post is to come!)

Cucumbers and Salsa

Watermelon and strawberries with 1 squeeze of fresh lime juice and 2 teaspoons honey

Whole wheat pita chips with Red bell pepper hummus, (we also love to just eat garbanzo beans as a snack!)

Monday, May 21, 2012

May Love Update

I've been neglecting my blog again. So here are some of the things we've been up to the past couple of weeks! We've been outside a lot! Playing in the water, taking walks, going to parks, walks up the mountain, and just playing in the back yard! LOL! On day we even painted  rocks with Michelle ( Xander's Specialist from Kids on the Move!) We love this warm weather! I just have to keep remembering to cover Savannah in sunscreen every morning!We are so Excited for summer! I have so many craft and outdoors ideas and I am looking forward to lots of camping and spending time with my family!!

Xander and Michelle! We LOVE Michelle!

Xander had tubes put back in his ears and his adenoids removed. He did very well!

Xander in Daddy's boots!

We've been playing in the dirt!

We've been watering flowers!

Planting Flowers!

The Easter flower seeds didn't grow for some reason. Maybe because the pots got dumped a few times!

A couple weekends ago my mother-in-law and I did our first 5K!! Now, we are ready for our first 10K!!
Run For Red 5K
It didn't take us quite this long. We just though about taking our picture in front of it at this time. LOL!