Saturday, March 31, 2012

Relief Society Birthday, Angles Are Among us

Turtial for this cake Here!

I had so much fun making these cakes! I made 8, one for each of the tables centerpieces. My sweet neighbor saved me by making 4 batches of the buttercream icing for me! Thank you so much!

Coffee filters
Old book
Scrapbook paper
Kabob sticks
Hot glue

I used my cricket to make the 2 inch circles and 3 inch tags. We sort of created an assembly line to make things go faster, and we had fun making them! We made 61 of these cute flowers to thank all of the sisters in our ward for being there for each other and being each others angles. We pored dried beans in the bottom of mismatched vases to help hold the flowers in place. Thank you everyone for all of your help!
I found these conversation cards and printed them off of Sugardoodle. They are really for family dinners. I love them!

We started off the night by listening to the song, Angels Are Among Us (by Alabama). It truly brought the spirit to the room. It is a beautiful song. Listen Here. For the chalk board my amazing husband cut out some wood for me at the last minute, and I just painted it with a couple layers of chalk board paint. A sweet sister in our ward, who has beauitful handwriting wrote the quote for me because I just have awful handwriting. Thank you! And, Thank you Court!!

We used twine to tie around all of the silverware and napkins, mason jars with torn fabric, twine, or tulle tied around them for glasses, and, placed burlap under every other glass to give the night a rustic look.

At each table we had slips of paper that each of the sisters in our ward had written a kind act of love and service that another sister in our ward had done for them that might have been small or big to them but had made a large and meaningful impact on their lives, which they had written and given to us during the last few weeks before. Each table shared one of the stories of service, then lit their candles.

Each of the cakes were given a cute name to go with the theme (Angles are Among us.)

Also, the food had themed names.

It was a very spiritual night for many of us sisters as we listened to the talk and all of the acts of service that the sisters in our ward had done for each other. To end the night we sang, As Sisters in Zion. Thank you, everyone for all of your hard work that you put into this night to make it enjoyable for all of us! And, it was also really neat to get to know the sisters in the ward so much better!

I love this ward so much, and I love my calling. The sisters in my ward truly are angles to me. You have all been there for my family and that means so much to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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