Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Geneticists, Nutritionist, and Endocrinology

Monday we were at Doctor appointments all morning. It was a really long day. We had to be up at Primary's at 8:00 for Savannah and Xander's Geneticists appointment. Savannah didn't want to take off her shoes not her princess crown to get her weight and height. But, she was bribed with lots of stickers. The appointment went good. I'm so glad I broght the I pad for Savannah! We just went over everything that the kids have and, he was making sure that we are seeing all of the specialist that they need to be seeing, and checking them for all of the basic BBS stuff.

Then we saw the nutritionist. We went over the kids weeks worth of food log that I had made, and I felt like a horrible mom for not doing all of the extra steps to make their food healthier and for giving them snacks, and so much milk. She is going to put together a calorie diet for both of them. They will be able to only have so many calories a day. It will be hard, but it will be good once we get use to it.

The kids had to get their blood taken and urine samples. Poor Xander had to have a bag, and Poor Savannah had to go in a cup. Neither happened. I finally got Savannah to go today. I don't know what they will do about Xander. I really am a bad mother. This is one of those things that I really don't ever want to do but, I do it because I love them and I have to.
They need Savannah and Xander's urine and blood samples to make sure their kidneys and liver are working right.When they took Savannah's blood, It took two nurses and me to do it and hold her while she was kicking and screaming. I was trying not to cry. Then, another nurse came in and blew bubbles for her to try and get her mind off the needle. It didn't work. When they were done, they wanted do put a band-aid on her but I told them Savannah would freak out even more. She doesn't like things like that on her. All of the other times she had to have a band-aid did not turn out so good. They wrapped her arm over the gauze. She didn't like that. Did I menchen, they put hospital bands on them and Savannah really didn't like that. She tried to run away. The nurse took Savannah to pick out a blue play dough while Xander had his blood drawn. She really saved the day! I felt so bad for Savannah and Xander and for all of the nurses who witnessed the seine and tried to help. It was scary.

Then, we went to the Diabetes Center for Savannah's Endocrinology appointment.Savannah screamed the whole way there. Savannah ran away down the hall a few times, and they gave up on trying to take her blood pressure and they were the second ones to try to take her princess crown off and give up for trying to get her accurate height. Savannah is 52 pounds. I was so afraid that she was going to tell me that Savannah has gained way too much weight and that she has diabetes. I was so suprized when she said that she was amazed at how well Savannah is doing with her weight and that on her weight chart she has a flat line from the last time. She is staying in the 97% for her weight, and that is really good!She said," whatever we are doing to keep doing it!" I don't know what that is but, okay. Savannah got a cute little bear. She loved it!

Savannah and Xander bot fell asleep in the car on the way home! They had a really long day. I wish I could of taken a nap too!


  1. What a tough day. I know what that feels like. Brayden used to have to get his blood drawn regularly for his seizure meds. It was like torture. I feel for you. It is hard to watch your kids go through such scary things. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you.
    Love ya!

  2. Your doing such a great job Sis, reading your story really makes me be more kind and sympathetic to my parents who bring their children to my clinic because I stop and think about all the hardships they must have had to go through to get there. Caring about their health even though it may cause your children pain is something only a mother could do right.

  3. That sounds like a rough day. Sorry that you had to do that. I hate to hear you say you are a bad mother- because YOU ARE NOT! This is satin trying to bring you down because he knows you have two precious children in you care. You are doing a wonderful job and keep telling yourself that.

    Love LIndsey Francom

  4. We were actually up at Primary's for an appointment for Nick last week too. It broke my heart to see all the sweet kids there that are sick and scared and having to go through so many procedures. The moms are even more amazing though! You're an awesome mom, Nicole! Don't ever, ever think otherwise!