Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fourth of July Skirt and Flower

The other day I decided that Savannah needed a fourth of July skirt and, I haven't made her any clothes in a month so, I found some scraps and with no pattern or anything I just winged it! It actually turned out!!!
I got her out of her pirate costume and to try it on for a bit.

I love this picture!
And this one!!!

Savannah trying to stand on one foot! It's so cute!
I cut 4X4 inch squares and sewed them together. MAke sue you iron after each step!
I hemmed one side, sewed 2 stitches (4 length),
Pull and gather carefully the top 2 threads until gathered as much as you want.
Pin and sew to a white piece of fabric( 11 inches in length and I just warped it around Savannah to figure out the wight.

Fold top over leaving a gap for the elastic, and sew.
Sew the ruffle down after you have ironed the seam flap so it will stay down.
To measure how much elastic you will need just wrap it tightly around their waist.

To make the flowers I just used different length strips of fabric and gathered them just like the ruffle, then sewed the middle.


  1. I love your post and all of your holiday spirit! I'm visiting from Be Different Act Normal! I’m hosting my first ever blog party and its all 4th of July-all Red, White, and Blue! I’d love for you to link up and share with me!

    Hope to see you over at my place soon!
    Kaitlin-The Not So Simple Housewife

  2. LOVE those pictures of the kids! And cute skirt good job, especially for just throwing it together!

    Good luck with the calorie thing... you can do it!

    Lindsey Francom

  3. You make the cutest things!!