Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Healthy Weight Loss Goal

No one likes talking about their weight, especially me! You are embarrassed of that terrifying number on the scale that haunts you. You'll go for weeks not stepping on that scale just so you don't have to see it.I don't know about other people but, when I gain weight I get depressed and I obsess over it.And then, I end up eating more junk food. And I love junk food! Why can't I just say no to that soda? Twice or even three cans a day? That's how I get through each day is on caffeine. Yes, I know it's bad, very bad but, I just can't give up my cherry coke or mountain due.And, I love chocolate! I love sugar! No more!!! I have to say no! The worst part about it is that I am being a bad example for Savannah and Xander.I feel so awful about that. I would never let them have soda or a candy bar. That's just not going to happen. So, why can't I give it all up? I've decided I have to. I am documenting my weight loss journey on my blog so that i will be motivated to stick to it!
Right now I weigh 134 pounds. I already hate myself for admitting it and I want to hide in a closet and never come out because of my embarrassment. but, it is what it is and sharing it is the only way I'll be able to hold myself accountable. I've been out of the habit of working out with, two kids, and a husband in school and working full time. Besides, some sugary snacks and soda I eat pretty healthy.We rarely ever get fast food. Just sometimes when Court comes home late and hasn't eaten. Who can say no to fry's or Kneaders?
I want to invite you to feel free to leave comments of advice and even confess your number if you would like and lose with me, share encouragement, tips, and healthy recipes! I need your support! My goal is to get up early and run for an hour, 5 days a week. I won't drink soda, or candy. We usually do pretty well on eating healthy dinners. I'll weigh in each Monday. Wish me luck!

Height: 5'6
Current Weight: 134
Goal Weight: 125
Pounds to loses: 9


  1. holy smokes! I can't believe that you really weigh that. I look at you at family reunions and think..."dang she's so skinny!! I wish I looked like that!"
    Anyway, I love your goal. I've been trying too. I had Gestational Diabetes during this last preg. and that made me really look at what I eat. I think everyone should eat like a diabetic! It really is the healthiest way to eat. anywho... my #'s are almost the same as yours.
    current weight: 138
    goal weight: 120
    lbs to loose: 18
    good luck!!

  2. 134??! I WISH I weighed 134!
    My goal is to lose 30 pounds... I hate getting on the scale, too, but I try to be consistent. Good luck!

  3. I'm right there with you! It is so hard and like you, I get so depressed over my weight gain. I lost 125 pounds about 8 years ago and have gained half back in the past couple years. I'm so depressed! But I'm bound and determined to lose it again and I'll be joining you all on Thursdays!

  4. Interesting post... there are many reasons why we all love sugar, chocolate and sodas. They have a chemical reaction in our body that stimulates the brain and we love it. Your body loves sugar because it is a very quick source of energy with little effor on your body... i suggest you go get a detox if you don't have any other health issues and do a B12 injection with a good multi-vitamin supplement. Lay off the sugars quickly, nothing you might have headaches from sugar withdraw.. but that only last 3 days... drink lots of water to flush out your system and start eating healthier and eating smaller portions. Don't binge when cheating (I dont rec cheating but if you do)... try to only take a few bites and throw it away. should get rid of cravings. however note everytime you do this you are just slowing your progress and putting the sugar that your body loves back in your system and will have to detox again.. good luck