Friday, November 15, 2013

Little Things

I just love my little boy in overalls!!!

One day, we went to Costco and Xander fell asleep in the car and didn't wake up so Savannah being the sweetest sister ever that she is, put her arm around her little brother, patted his head and gave him kisses on his hair so he could keep taking his little nap! It was so adorable!!! I love my two babies!

Sticker boy!!!

Savannah and Xander wore their Halloween costumes most of the time a home... and when we went places! They just love them! Savannah is a "Cup cake girl" and Xander is a Knight! Savannah told us pne day that she wanted to be a cup cake girl for Halloween and when she grows up so she can give cup cakes to all the girls and boys. She was just so excited about it and even would pretend to make cupcakes and give them out to us and her dolls! So, I just had to find her the perfect cup cake girl costume so she could live her dream of being a cup cake girl!
 Yep, I decided to go crazy and dye my hair red! Savannah just loves that I have the same hair color as her! It's so cute! I wasn't sure about the color at first but I think it fits me...

Grandparents Day

On Grandparents Day, Kim and I went to Xander's School for APE and work. He was so excited to see GRandma Love! He had her sit next to her and hold his hand when we walked in the hall. Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of him. :(

After, we picked up lunch and ate with Savannah at her school and went to the book fair, where Savannah picked out a Sofia The First Book, then we went with her to recess! She proudly introduced  us to all of her friends! She was just so excited!

We also got to tag along with Savannah to her braile lesson. She impressed us both with almost the whole alphabet and her name that she did on her own! She is just amazing!!!
This is a picture of some of Savannah's art that was on the wall at school!

Color Me Rad 5K!

I've always wanted to do the Color me rad 5K race! It just sounded like so much fun and it so was!!!  I went with some friends and we got our energy up with some awesome Zumba and throwing color all over ourselves right before the race! It was a blast! The not-so-fun part was later that day and the next my sinuses were hurting soo bad. :( I thought I'd never have to feel like that again after my sinal plasty thing I had done earlier that month.  Next year I'll just have to wear a bandana over my nose and mouth like a lot of other people did! ( Awesome idea!!!)


Family Happenings

We went to Thanksgiving Point for a Family Night with my sister-in-laws family! The kids loved it!

Savannah fell down the stairs and hurt her nose. Now she's even more cautious about walking down the stairs.

Daddy and Savannah making rolls! Yum!
My mother-in-law and I got to go to Womens General Conference for our church! It was so neat and inspiring.

Xander's The Clown!

This just makes me smile!!!

Cup Cake Christmas Ornaments

 I thought I'd get a head start on this year's family ornaments! I finished these in September! I'm so proud of myself!  I was inspired by Savannah! She just loves cupcakes! Anything that looks like a cupcake! So I went for bright, fun & colorful, and lots of sparkles. These just scream Savannah!
What you need: ornaments, cupcake wrapers, glue and glue gun, snow sprinkle stuff, silicone, pretty ribbon, and a cute cherry, (I used little candy ornaments that I found at Hobby Lobby next to my bulbs and just cut off the tops)

 I love how fun and cute they turned out and so does Savannah! I can't wait to put them on our tree and share them with our family!

Paleo Butternut Squash Lasagna

Paleo Butternut Squash Lasagna

  • 1 lb Italian sausage
  • 1 red onion
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 1 15 oz can spaghetti sauce
  • 1/2 c roasted red peppers( I had green this time so that's what I used)
  • 1/4 c extra virgin olive oil
  • couple leaves of fresh basil (leave it out if you don’t have it, just freshens up the sauce a bit)
  • 1  butternut squash
  • cheese, optional
Get your oven to 400ºF. In a saute pan crumble the sausage and brown it, along with the onions & garlic. While that’s going, cut the top and ends of the squash off and peel it. Split it into 1/4′s. , cut it in 1/2, width-wise. Split those two halves in half, lengthwise. This will make it much easier to cut into planks. Pull out the seeds. Slice the squash into the aforementioned planks.
Make the sauce by pureeing the pizza sauce, red peppers, olive oil and basil.
Using a 9×9 oven safe baking dish, put down enough sauce to lightly cover the bottom of the dish. (This keeps the squash from sticking to the pan.) Next add the squash, trying not to overlap the pieces, then spoon on the sausage mixture, followed by the sauce. Repeat until all your ingredients are used up…trying to reserve enough sauce to cover the top of the lasagna.
Bake for 45 minutes. You’re looking for a bubbly pan with a crispy, browned top. Right out of the oven, the lasagna may by liquidy, let it set for a good half hour before cutting into it, as it will solidify.
 Both the kids really love this recipe! It really surprises me because Xander is so picky and won't eat most of the meals I make him. I just told the kids its bacon, (which they love!) It is a delicious and savory dish! And of course really healthy!

Xander & Mommy Mondays

I just love Mondays! Xander doesn't have school on Mondays. They are our mommy and Xander days! I look forward to them every week! This particular Monday was my 25th birthday and Xander and I went shopping and out to lunch at Zupas! Xander loves it because he gets to have one of his favorite things to eat, (grilled cheese sandwiches!) He was just so good for me!

Xander is just so sweet, especially when he pretends that his blue, stuffed animal puppy is licking you, and Xander says, "He likes you!" I have decided that that means that Xander likes me. :)