Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Xander's First Day of Preschool

 Today, is my adorable little Xander's first day of Preschool! I just can't believe how fast this day has come! I am full of mixed feelings. I am so happy for him and I get a little break, but I miss him so much and I have to keep prying myself from looking at pictures of him. I can't stop worrying about him and weather or not he is being good, and weather or not he is pretending to be a puppy. lol But, I know that this is going to be so good for him!
This is everything that he had to take on his first day! lol :)  Back pack, lunch, snack, wipes, diapers, change of clothes, and his reinforcement bag (pop corn, lots of stickers, bubbles, and small dinosaurs). 
We could not find a lunch box or back pack anywhere. We looked at walmart, shopco, Toys R Us... Yesterday, I got so lucky and found a lunch box at Kid To Kid for only $3 and a backpack!

Reinforcement Bag
Lunch: Almond butter whole grain sandwich, blueberries, carrots, and water.

He is so handsome!!

 Xander was so excited when he found the dinosaurs! I think it has been hardest on Savannah. She didn't want to leave Xander and the toys. I had to carry her out of the school and she cried the whole way home for her Xander, but when we got home we had some time to color Easter pictures and paint our nails pink with sparkles! That always works! It is so quiet. Today, I am taking this time to update my Blog, do some laundry, sweep and mom the floor, and get some exercising in! I really hope Xander has a great first day!!

Resurrection Eggs Family Home Evening

 For our family night on Monday, I found this cute way of teaching the true story of Easter that Savannah might understand. I hid the eggs in one room and Savannah and Xander had to find them first, then put them in order from 1 to 12. They took turns opening them and inside each egg was a picture, and we talked about it and the story of Christ's death and Resurrection.There is also a scripture that goes with each one.

This Picture, and idea I found on Pintrest from the blog, busychickadees.com 
There You can get the instructions and the free printables for Resurrection Eggs.

 The kids had fun doing this and I think that Savannah sort of got it!!  It kept their attention. They both wanted to open the next egg to see what was in it.  After, I had hidden some larger eggs with fresh popped pop corn in them for them that they had to find for a treat. They loved it!

The Relief Society Through The Eras, Birthday Party

 This month was our church's Relief Society Birthday Party. I am on the Enrichment committee.  I LOVE it!!  The theme that night was The Relief Society Through The Eras. It was so much fun and I just love all of the women that I got to work with and got to know better!
Each of our tables were themed by a different era.
The 1930's


The 50's

The 40's

The 90's
The 70's

 We had all of these beauitful quilts hanging up. Aren't they inspiring!

Old Ward Scrapbooks
We had Costa Vida style salads and cupcakes!

 I had a blast coming up with a new cupcake, Vanillia cupcakes with lemon custard filling and lemon butter cream frosting!

The young women were invited and we had so much fun learning how to do the 1930's Charleston! Thanks Lindsey Jessup for helping!! You were amazing!

We also listened to some girls play some beauitful music and hula dance! They were awesome!!

Xander's Last Transition Class at Kids On The Move

 Last week Xander had his last day in his Transition class at Kids On The Move. He just loved going there! All of the teachers and Therapist are so kind and amazing! We love them and will miss them! They are a very big part of why he has come so far!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Savannah's Scopes 3/14/13

 Savannah went to the hospital to have some scopes done a few weeks ago. She was so good for us! She wasn't very happy  about changing out of her cute pink pajamas and into the hospitals gown. But she was bribed with lots of stickers. :) 

A pediatrician brought out some doctor equipment for Savannah to play with. She loved it! She was so excited and kept saying that it was just like hers!

Dr. Love!

 Savannah got to go in a little wagon to get put under sedation and have her scopes done.  I was so glad that it only took about an hour.

 She had a UTI that day. What a surprise! LOL J/K  They gave her some antibiotics.I guess Savannah has some kinda funny anatomy. Her bladder is kinda rotated.  Over the last couple of years She has had a lot of UTI's. A lot of them, she gets very high fevers, sometimes up to 104 or 105 even and very lethargic and shaky. Most of her ones lately haven't been that bad luckily. I don't think she feels any pain, but her urine has a strong order, which is usually how I know.  Her urologist is worried that she is refluxing urine from her bladder up into her kidneys, like what Xander had.  It would explain why when she gets a Urinary Tract Infection, (UTI), it will tend to make her more sick and make her kidneys more prone to scarring.  It might also be why her kidneys measured a little smaller this last ultrasound that she had the month before.  They want to repeat that study and next month she will have a VCUG and have sedation for it.  If it is refluxing then her Urologist will do surgery on her bladder to correct it soon.

Savannah was so sad when she woke up. She wanted me and she wanted to go home. Then she was sad because she said, her bus wasn't coming, and she wanted to go to school. :( It is so hard seeing her so sad. It just tears at my heart.  The nurses were so sweet and gave her this cute owl for being so brave and Court gave her the I Pad. They distracted her for a while. On the way home and for the rest of the day she would randomly start to cry that it hurt. But, she wanted to play outside and with her brother the rest of the day! The next night there was a little blood, but not much, so that was a relief.  I am so proud of my little Savannah for being so brave. I know I've said this before but, she really is my little hero. She has been through so much.  She is the happiest person I know and I am so blessed to have her for my daughter!

That Friday, for Show And Tell at her school she wanted to take her blue hospital bracelet, owl, and all of her princess stickers that she got and now had them on an empty tissue box. She is so funny! I wouldn't let her take her hospital pillow though. She sleeps with it all every night. LOL :)