Sunday, June 30, 2013

Healthy Frozen Summer Snacks

 It's very hot and it's time to make some frozen snacks for the kids! Xander gets the blueberries, strawberries, and frozen banana kabobs. Savannah likes the frozen grapes. I also like to have frozen watermelon slushies and frozen yoghourt bites. The kids love them and so do I! It's a great healthy  alternative to pop cicles or ice cream!


 Hiking a new trail that was opening. It was cut short though because of the freezing rain that started poring down on us. :)

The Xander face :)

My brave little Xander has been upgraded from a couch to a mattress!!! After three long years, I did it!!! Now just to add the bed part, no more sensory chew thing, and to lose the meds.!
Xander just loves Toy Story! These and of course his dinosaurs are his favorite toys.
I found the kids hiding spot for their toys! Way to go me!!!
This is Xander at his school one day when I was volunteering. I just love seeing him at school! He is so adorable and he is doing awesome!

Too funny Xander!!

We got a family pass to Thanksgiving Point and the kids are loving it! Court and I are a little tired of the Dinosaur Museum and the petting zoo but the kids are having a blast!  Savannah always wants to ride, "the cute horse!" Xander's favorite is of course the T-Rex at the Dinosaur Museum.

Savannah loves to roll down hills a lot lately. She is crazy!
Savannah and Xander loved going to the discovery gardens with their cousins, or as Savannah and now Xander calls them, "her girls and his boy!" It is so cute! They just love them!

The shoes are off and into the water the monster goes!!!

You can't quite see it on Xander's third toe but, Xander was angry one day and went around the kitchen throwing stuff off the counters and he garbed a cutting board with a knife on it and the knife got his toe. There was a lot of blood and totally freaked me out! But, he didn't cry too much, he was more mad at me for keeping the paper towels on his foot to stop the bleeding. But, we took him to the doctors and he had to get liquid stitches. Fun, fun, fun!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kangaroo Zoo

Grandma Love and I took the kids to the Kangaroo Zoo when they were having a thing for families with children with Autism. The kids had such a blast, and we all got a great workout! :) I can't wait to take them back!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

3 Hair Styles For Girls

Fruit Dip

Fruit dip

2 jars of marshmallow fluff
2 tubs of strawberry cream cheese

Mix together until smooth and fluffy!This dip is so delicious! It is great for parties, baby showers, and any get together!  Enjoy!

Teacher Gifts

 For, Teacher Appreciation Day, the kids helped me make these fun magnets! I just love them! You can never have enough magnets!
Savannah and Xander have had the most amazing and caring teachers. I just love them and I appreciate them for everything that they do for my children.
 scrapbook paper
1 inch punch
glass pebbles
Hot glue and gun

Just punch out the paper and glue a large dot on the pebble and squish on the paper until the glue goes to the edges.  It really is very easy!

And, I just thought this was a cute picture of Savannah and Xander. :)