Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Xander's Surgery

These are the last pictures of Xander's special little unique foot and hand before his surgery. We got up early Monday at 3:50 AM, after Xander having 4 ounces of Pedelite at 2 and then nothing else. We left a little before 4AM.
At the last few minutes I started to have second thoughts on him having his surgery. I started thinking these are a part of him. We're having a part of Xander removed, and it will be painful for him. But, I decided not to say anything.

Getting Xander dressed in his adorable little scrubs.
The socks din not want to stay on his feet at all. His feet just aren't made for socks or shoes, neither are Savannah's.
Xander was so tired, he fell asleep.
It was hard watching them take Xander away for his surgery, but I was so proud of myself, that I didn't cry. The surgery was a little over an hour.
Xander did really well. His hand was a little bit trickery than his foot, because there was bone that T'd to the extra finger. We had to say in the recovery room for almost four hours, because Xander needed to be on oxygen because it kept going down below 90. At one point it was a 75. Thant was kinda scary. He had to keep his Oxygen stats up for at least 30 minutes on room oxygen to go home.

Xander slept almost all day Monday. Now he's back to his normal self.
Xander has been very naughty and crawling and standing up all over the place. His badges look awful and he's only had them for three days. He eats and crawls and does everything with his hand and foot.I'm so scared that he is going to brake his stitches. The surgeon said that they can't stitch it back if he does. It will just leave a big scar. Xander is doing really well, maybe a little too well. No break for me. He's a tough little boy!


  1. I am so glad that the surgery went well! He is a strong boy! Hoping he heals good!

  2. What a cutie and what a strong momma he has! You deal with so much that would just crumble someone like me. Thanks for your example. I miss seeing you!

  3. What a cute kid! I love that he is alway so happy. I am so happy that everything went well!!!

  4. How cute is he with those little casts? I love that he's still got a huge smile and such determination. I'm so glad everything went well. You're a strong, amazing mom, Nicole!!

  5. It looks like he's feeling WONDERFUL! He and Savannah are both so darn cute. Hang in there Nicole. You are a great example to me!

  6. I'm so glad everything went well. He just keeps going and going doesn't he! What a fun personality he has!

    hope you are doing well. Miss you and the girls miss you too.