Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Update

Sorry, I haven't written on my blog in a while. We've been really busy, and sick.

Last week Xander got sick again, and had to go to the Bronchitis clinic again. I only had to take him in a few times. HE was just to congested. They got a lot out of him. His doctor re wrapped his hand and foot for me and said that his stitches look like they are healing well!

Savannah is doing great! She loves to boss her little brother around, by saying "No, NO Xander!" Then, she usually pulls him away from what ever he was climbing or cupboard he's getting into. It's so cute when she and Xander chase each other around the island counter. They laugh at each other! I love it! We went to Savannah's parent teacher conference last week. Savannah is doing so good! Her favorite color is now purple. I never would of thought she would like any other color as much as yellow. She is so cute and she still holds hands with this little boy in her class and she knows the first letter of his name. G. It's so cute! Savannah is also doing very well at sitting on the potty!!! Maybe soon she will be potty trained!

Last week one of my fillings came out and a nerve got infected. When I went to the dentist, I found out that I have to have a root canal. I was so scared! It was the most painful thing ever! I would gladly go through childbirth without an epidural, than go through this last week again. The dentist proscribed me antibiotic. I can't take penicillin because, I'm allergic. So, I'm taking Erythromycin. Yesterday it made me so sick. All I could do was throw up. It was awful! And tonight the same thing, but it lasted only a few hours. Today I had the root canal. It was so less painful and scarier than I was anticipating! But, I'm so glad it's over. I have to wait three weeks to get my permanent crown put on though, because I have to wait for the infection to heal .Today I was feeling so much better. I caught up on laundry, cleaned, and played with my kids, and started dinner, Fresh Tomato Soup. I have the greatest recipe, but then right in the middle of Savannah finishing up cutting a tomato into juice and mush and starting on a banana for Xander I didn't care. My stomach was turning and aching. My poor mother mother-in-law came home and had to finish dinner and watch the kids for me while I went to through up. I feel so awful! Hopefully this ends soon!!!

One of the biggest things that have happened is that Xander has his first follow up with Urology. He had an ultrasound done of his kidneys. The average size of a baby his age's kidneys is between 5 and 8 centimeters. Xander's right kidney is average. I think he said it's 6, but his left kidney is just barely 4 centimeters. The tubes in both of his kidneys are very swollen, which is caused by the reflux. The doctor was very surprised to find that though Xander's left kidney is very small it does not have and renal scaring that he could see! This is an extremely good thing because he has level 5 reflux, and that is rare at this point I guess. It is very good because the scaring is what can determine if he needs dialysis or a kidney transplant. The scarring they can't fix.
His urologist wants to wait longer to do the surgery, but not too long because of his small kidney, the chances of scaring will increase. They like to wait until they are about two years old if they can. Thank you all of my dear friends and family for keeping Xander in your prayers. It means so much to us.


  1. Good to hear an update from you. Sorry you have been so sick. That sounds absolutely awful. Continue keeping us udated on Xander and good luck with the potty training- a little bit of a heads up, since no one told me this- potty training still isn't over even when you think it is!!! Good luck though, and hang in there :)

  2. I'm so sorry you've been dealing with feeling yucky and getting a root canal. That is no fun at all. But what a blessing about Xander's kidneys. Prayers and Priesthood blessings are amazing things! Love you!!