Friday, November 2, 2012

A Halloween To Remember!

 Halloween morning started fairly normal. But, before Savannah could open her eyes, she said, "It's Halloween!!!" She has been looking forward to this day all month,  and wanting it to be Halloween for the last few weeks!

First, we went to Xander's "Let's Play Class," which he loves! We wore our costumes and he got to paint a pumpkin and do a little trick or treat with the other kids! I brought some healthy snacks for him to have. He had so much fun!
 Xander loves singing time! He is getting to learn all the actions! It's so cute when he really gets into a song!

After his class, we hurried home for a quick lunch and then got Savannah, (The Mermaid!) off onto her bus! She was so excited to finally get to wear her costume all day! She has been waiting for this day all month!
 Then, we went to see Savannah in her class costumes parade around the school and then Halloween Sing-Along in the gym! Xander had actually fallen asleep in the car on the way there and slept through most of it!
 After the kids got back from recess, they had their class Halloween Party! I was the only Kindergarten mom wearing a costume but, the kids thought it was pretty neat that I was a pirate and they kept asking whose mom I was! Hopefully, that makes me a cool mom! LOL! Or maybe it's all in my mind :)  I got to see one of my friends, who I haven't seen in a while!
 They read some Halloween books. It was so neat to meet all of the cute kids in Savannah's class and to get to know one of the moms! Hopefully, there's a play date in the future for Savannah!
 Savannah's class picture!
 Savannah with her amazing teacher!
 Time for family trick-or treating!!!  The kids were supper excited!!

 The kids had so much fun trick-or treating! When it started getting darker, Savannah wanted to ride in the stroller and we had to walk her, holding both of her hands, to the doors because she was having a hard time seeing. I'm not sure how much she cloud see,but she kept saying she couldn't :( Of course she wouldn't let that stop her! She wanted to keep going. LOL! She was just having too much fun! She even had a routine down of ringing the door bell, knocking twice, then holding her bag open, saying Trick-or-treat before anyone answered the doors. It was so cute, and so Savannah! Xander kept trying to just walk right on into everyone's home, with no cares in the world! That little dinosaur!

 Our Sweet friends in our church ward put up these cute flyers if they had a healthy snack or toy for Savannah and Xander, (No Candy Zones) It was just so unbelievably kind of them! And, it was such a weight off of our shoulders to not have to be the bad guys and worry about having to take away all of their treats away after Halloween.
 Savannah and Xander had the greatest Halloween ever!! They were given lots of toys, coloring books and crayons, books,fruits and vegetables, and new tooth brushes and their very own toothpastes! When we got home, we let them each have an apple and some popcorn. Savannah couldn't wait to put on her new princess tiaras, and even snuck a few snow peas, (one of her favorite veggies!) They were in heaven with all of the fun things they got! It was like Christmas, Halloween, and birthdays all packed into one! I don't think they could ever forget this Halloween!

We want to tell all of you how grateful we are to everyone who made this Halloween so fun and special for our children! We are so thankful to you for understanding how important our two special angles health is to us and them and for being their angles and given them the chance to be normal children for one night. It just means more to us than my words can say, so we are going to let Savannah and Xander tell you!


  1. You are totally a cool mom. And your ward is super sweet. So glad you have such great neighbors!

  2. It was fun to see you. And their teacher is wonderful! :) You even got a picture of Miss Leah!