Thursday, September 23, 2010

Packing for our Missouri Trip

We're leaving on Saturday to go to Missouri to visit my mom and brother and sister-in-law! If any of you didn't know I have five brothers. Court can't go because of school, work, and of course hunting, so It's going to be the kids, my amazing mother-in-law and me. I'm so excited, and nervous. It's sad to admit but ever since I've seen Final Destination, where the plane explodes just after take off, I've been terrified of flying, and now that both of my children are going to be on the plane with me I'm even scarred. Then, there is Savannah, well, we'll just have to wait and see how that one goes. At least I'll have Kim with me to help. I could never of gone by myself and the kids. Kim is bringing a portable DVD player, which will be saving my sanity by the way. I went to Win Co today and went crazy at the bulk bins for healthy snacks for Savannah. I love that store! They have no sugar yogurt covered raisins, nut mixes, dried fruit mixes, and every kind of dried fruit you can think of! I even got some chocolate covered pretzels and I got some chocolate covered brownie bites to try"not so good." Yes I'm a Hippocratic. I am a mean mom and don't let Savannah eat hardly any sugar, then there's me who cant get through the day without some kind of chocolate or candy, and you know how most people get sick after so much. I usually don't. Yes, My name is Nicole and I am a sugar-catholic. Anyway, back to our trip. I got lots of stuff for Savannah to do on the plane. I hope It works. Does anyone have any tips for me? I could really use them! We have a two hour lay over. I think I'm going to take my baby sling for Xander.Over the week we are going to see all of the sites! It'll be so much fun! long as the kids are good.
I've been packing on and off all day. I've ended up with three suitcases...filled with only Savannah and my stuff, oh and four things of baby formula and two days worth of diapers. I'm going to buy more diapers on Monday. I do know that I have an addiction. I love clothes! I love hair accessories! I love jewelery! Oh, and you can't forget my new obsession with scarfs! I love them for me and I love them for Savannah. I love to match, and have coordinating accessories, and I'm so lucky to have Savannah who, shares my addictions. POOR COURT! I'm really sorry court, but it's just who we are, and you love us for it! While packing I spent forever laying out all of mine and Savannah's clothes and turning them into outfits, and deciding which, hat, flower, headband, necklace, or scarf... should go with each one and I brought two extra outfits for each of us, swimsuits, a light coat, and a sweater. I think Court thinks I'm insane. I know I am but if you know me it's just me. I'm kinda crazy, and OCD. I guess when I had Savannah I wanted to do all of the girly things for her. I blame it on being an only girl. It's so much fun to play tea party or kitchen, or paint nails with her, and she loves to wear princess dresses and dance to music, with her dad's scary dance moves of course. Poor Savannah. Someday she will realize that. But for now it's just so cute. So if anyone see's her dance. Her farther taught her. I had nothing to do with it! It made me so happy when a couple months ago Savannah actually came up to me, patting her head saying "hat hat." She was telling me that she wanted to wear a hat! Savannah likes to sneak into my room and put on my jewelry and shoes and walk around the house. Sometimes when I'm doing my make up she will come up to me and say "try try." It's so cute! Wow it's already 1AM. I guess I'd better stop going on and on and try to maybe sleep.


  1. I'm so excited for you! Enjoy your trip!

  2. I hope you have so much fun on your trip! You talking about Savannah brought back memories of when we were little and we'd have tea parties and play dress up. The part about hair things reminded me of when we put every single one of your hair bows and flowers in our hair and we thought we were so pretty! HAHAHA
    As far as the trip goes, if things get really out of hand give her some baby benadryl, it'll put her to sleep :) Some people frown on that kinda thing, but I say if it helps you keep your sanity on the plane and keeps everyone on the plane from going crazy too, it's worth it.

  3. Hope you have fun- despite the fear of flying! Good luck with everything, sorry I have no tips for you. I would love a girl for the same reason! It is so much fun.

  4. I am hurt that you could say that About my dance moves. I think that deep down inside, you are jealous.