Friday, November 2, 2012

Falling Into Fall

 This is a 3 weeks into 1 post! When Grandma Jensen came out, at the pumpkin patch Savannah and Xander got pumpkins. They were so excited! A couple of weeks ago we painted them.
 For a family night we made apple treats and watched a kids Halloween movie! It was so much fun! For the kids, we just sliced apples and drizzled them with dark chocolate on top. I am weird and can't go through October with out a candy apple :) I'm weak, I know!
 Savannah and I found leafs in our yard and made ghost leaves! Savannah loves ghost. LOL I'm glad she doesn't find all of the scarey Halloween stuff scary at all. She thinks monsters, ghost, and bats are cute! LOL! That girl of mine is so cute!

 I just love all of the family traditions this time of year! One of ours is pumpkin carving! My goal for the holidays is to create more family traditions that don't surround food and treats. I didn't realize how many of them do, such as decorating sugar cookies, all of the family events with so many snacks and treats, gingerbread houses, stocking treats, all of the Christmas candy from school...  I want to create family memerioies that are about family, service, love, and the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.

 The kids have been having fum decorating ghost!

 Poka dots!!

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