Saturday, May 26, 2012

Savannah's Preschool graduation Picnic

Yesterday was bitter-sweet. It was Savannah's Preschool graduation. All of Savannah's teachers are amazing! They do such a great job and I feel as though they treat Savannah as though she was their own! We won't know where Savannah will be going for Kindergarten  until sometime in the middle of the summer but, she will be going to a small class. This is hard to know that she won't be going to a normal Kindergarten but I know it will be best for Savannah. I know that she will continue to thrive in a small class setting and not get lost. I have also talked with the vision therapist who will be working with her. She is very nice and we are going to start Savannah with Pre braille and possibly cane training next fall. She will see what all we need to be doing with Savannah to help to prepare her for things to come easily  and natural to her when she needs them.
The kids sang a few songs! It was so cute! I tried to watch while chasing Xander all over the classroom :)
Savannah received a graduation of Preschool certificate!

This is Savannah's teacher and she is just amazing! We couldn't of asked for a better teacher! I wish she could take her with her to Kindergarten!

These are some of the amazing women who have made a great impact and touched Savannah and our lives forever! We love you all!!

Some of Savannah's friends!

This is the sweet little boy who kissed Savannah! His parents said that he talks about her all of the time!

 We had a little picnic in the classroom, and I think Savannah's most memorable part of the day was that she got to eat a quarter of a cupcake! One of the teacher's aids had baked cupcakes and made them to look like a caterpillar. It was so cute! If you ask Savannah what she did at her preschool graduation picnic, she will tell you that she got a cupcake with colors!!

I am so proud of my sweet, adorable Savannah! She is so kind and loves everyone! She lights up the room with her smile and attitude! She is so smart and is surprising us each day! She is becoming the best big sister ever and loves her little brother! She is always doing and saying the cutest things and she just loves nature and animals! I love you Savannah!!

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