Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Countdown

        The other day it hit me there was only 6 more days and school will be out. Yikes! This is Savannah's last week of preschool. I can't believe it! We decided to make (sun) summer countdowns! I went a little crazy with the craft supplies!

 I know they look like flowers but Savannah wanted them to be suns, so they are!

Savannah cut hers out all by herself, while I just held the paper! I am so proud of her!!
I wrote on each chain something that we want to do before summer, such as, have a picnic, read a summer book, eat dinner outside,  and Savannah's favorite, find rainbows and stars!

Xander didn't want to pose for a picture  :(
Our beauitful Sun Summer Countdowns!!

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