Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Plant A Garden

 On Memorial Day, we planted a garden.

 Most children are captivated by watching and helping things grow, They are great little helpers in the garden!  Savannah and Xander just love being mommy's little helpers! They have a sense of wonder and enjoyment in gardening and nature that can lead to  life-long good habits of  healthy eating and a greater awareness of the cycles of nature.

Savannah and Xander taking a little brake!

 I love having a garden! I love all of the fresh vegetables and it's really neat that we can eat what we planted. I love being able to just go out to our garden to pick out fresh vegetables to make dinner for my family with! This summer I plan to can green beans, pickles, and homemade salsa from our garden! I really want to can homemade sugar free jam too!

Xander is a total monkey! He climbs everything!

They turned the into little pools! They had so much fun splashing and playing in the water!

After the kids were done playing in the water, it was defiantly bath time! Savannah has decided that these are her ropes! She even sleeps next to them.
I am so jealous of his eyes and lashes! I love him!

Jump on daddy!!!

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