Monday, May 21, 2012

May Love Update

I've been neglecting my blog again. So here are some of the things we've been up to the past couple of weeks! We've been outside a lot! Playing in the water, taking walks, going to parks, walks up the mountain, and just playing in the back yard! LOL! On day we even painted  rocks with Michelle ( Xander's Specialist from Kids on the Move!) We love this warm weather! I just have to keep remembering to cover Savannah in sunscreen every morning!We are so Excited for summer! I have so many craft and outdoors ideas and I am looking forward to lots of camping and spending time with my family!!

Xander and Michelle! We LOVE Michelle!

Xander had tubes put back in his ears and his adenoids removed. He did very well!

Xander in Daddy's boots!

We've been playing in the dirt!

We've been watering flowers!

Planting Flowers!

The Easter flower seeds didn't grow for some reason. Maybe because the pots got dumped a few times!

A couple weekends ago my mother-in-law and I did our first 5K!! Now, we are ready for our first 10K!!
Run For Red 5K
It didn't take us quite this long. We just though about taking our picture in front of it at this time. LOL!

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