Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Merry Christmas 2010! (Xander's first Christmas!)
Xander got lots of cute books and toys from his grandma and grandpa Jensen. I think he was very happy about it!

They got bath letters, but Savannah thinks they are all hers.
Grandma Jensen got her a cute purse! ( to carry all of her little princesses in)
Savannah, lining her new princesses up.
Savannah went to bed in her Christmas PJ's. When I went to get her in the morning she was wearing her princess skirt again, and her PJ bottoms were on her floor. Apparently, she wants to be a princess 24/7

Xander's cute new outfit from grandma Love!
The guys playing football out in the fog at grandma Loves.

For the Nativity seance, Savannah was the star again, for a few minutes, then she decided she was done and left to go play by herself.
Xander was baby Jesus.

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