Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Visiting Savannah at School

Last week I got to go Savannah's class and help make ice cream, but best of all I got to see my little girl while she was at school! When I got there she acted as if I wasn't even there, which I'm kinda glad because I got to see Savannah how she is at school! It was so neat!I got to go see her in her her occupational therapy and meet all of her sweet teachers! Her O. T. gave me some really good ideas of things to work with her on this summer and I've been having fun trying them with Savannah! She is so smart!
Savannah made vanilla ice cream!

This is one of Savannah's awesome teacher's aids, and this cute little boy is Savannah's little friend who Savannah loves! Her O. T. teacher told me Savannah always waits for him and holds his hand when they leave O. T. She says, " Come on, Let's go!" They said she kinda baby's him. That's so cute! And yes, he is the boy who Savannah kissed. LOL It's so cute!

I had so much fun seeing Savannah at school! She loves it, and I'm so glad! Savannah has come so far this year. I can't believe it! She has amazing teachers! We have been so blessed! Savannah loves to learn! I am so proud of Savannah! I love my little girl!

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