Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Weighted Blanket

Xander does not sleep very well. He wakes up 5 times most nights, if we're lucky only 3. He just cry's and cry's. He doesn't take naps often. Usually only for about 15 to 20 minutes each day, if he takes a nap. If we're really lucky an hour! We have tried everything that we can think of to help him. His occupational therapist suggested for me to make him a weighted blanket, so I did! I am willing to try anything! Right now he is only waking up 3 times each night! These blankets are great for calming children with Autism and with scenery problems. Here is the link that I found my basic instructions at. I used the down loadable pattern, but mostly just winged it. I have washed it once so far. I used cold water and I also air dried the blanket.

My mom had gotten me some fabric a while ago to make a blanket for him. This is 2 pieces of 1 yard of fabric each.
I pined the fabric together and measured 4X4 inch squares and drew them with fabric pencil.

I hemmed the edges of 3 of the sides and, folded them over then, sewed.

Sew straight down long ways to make rows every 4 inches.

I used a wrapping paper tube to get the plastic pellets that I got from Hobby Lobby down to the bottom of each row.
I used three bags to make this blanket.

I would only put about 4 tablespoons in each pocket then, sew across all of the rows. If your child is older and bigger I would probably use more of the pellets. The link that I gave at the top tells you how much the blanket should weigh for the weight of your child.Repeat this until you have all of the rows complete. Yes, it takes forever and gets really frustrating when you break 2 of your needles. But, it's worth it all if it can get your little one to calm down or sleep!

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  1. That turned out cute. I can totally see how it was a pain to put together though. I hope it starts to work :)