Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother, Daughter Time

A few weeks ago my sweet and talented aunt sent me a package of the cutest things! She had made Savannah this adorable dress! I love it and so does Savannah!

For Easter my mom had sent Savannah and Xander some cute Easter gifts!
Mom, I think Savannah's favorite thing for Easter was her eggs! She even slept with them every night up until they disappeared into the Easter box. LOL
My mom had given Savannah this cute little Pink Princess Flower cake kit! Savannah and me had so much fun baking it! Savannah even got to wear her cute new apron that my aunt made for her, "Savannah's princess apron" so Savannah calls it! I hope one day I can be even half as talented as my aunt!

Savannah had a few taste!
It turned pink!
Xander wanted to help!

Isn't this the cutest apron that you have ever seen! I love it!
Xander's not happy that Savannah isn't sharing.

Pink sprinkles!!!

We had so much fun!
Savannah's cake
Mommy's cake! Thank you mom and Aunt Shelly for your sweet and thoughtful gifts and for giving me an excuse for mommy daughter time! I love you both!


  1. Savannah's dress and apron is so cute! That's awesome you got to have a mommy daughter date! I'm sure Savannah loved that.

  2. That baking set your mom sent looks so cute! That apron and dress is also so darling. Loave that poem you have framed, it is very sweet.