Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Day at The Zoo

Last week my mother-in-law took a few days off of work. One of the days we went to the zoo!
Savannah was scared of the noises that the elephant made.
Xander was so good the whole trip! He stayed in the stroller and was happy even though we lost the pacifier when we first got there.

There's the cute baby elephant!

We took the kids on the Farris wheel. Savannah is scared of the ones that go up and down so we got her a seated one.

Shortly before it started she kicked Xander out.
Savannah loved it! She was bobbing up and down to her music the whole time!

If anyone knows this zoo has a long heel around the corner going form the giraffes. Savannah though it was too hard to walk up it so, she decided to crawl up the heel! She looked so serious about it. I started laughing! I wish i had gotten a picture of it! It was just something that Savannah would do. It was so cute!
He's still good!!!
We were so tired! It was a huge work out pushing those kids in a stroller all over the zoo! The best part of the day was the short, too short train ride! Savannah loved it! I don't know why she looks like she is crying in this picture. She really was excited! LOL

It was a really fun day and a good workout! We left just in time when Savannah was starting to through tantrums. We left before any big sens! Xander fell asleep in the car and Savannah fought sleep the whole way home. That was our day at the zoo!


  1. I am so glad they were good for you! I love going to the zoo!

  2. That zoo does give you a major workout! So fun that you could go and that the weather actually looked pleasant for you!!