Monday, May 9, 2011

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift

Last year, for mother's day, I thought that I had gotten the most perfect mother's day gift that any mother could get. I got to bring my sweet little Xander home from the hospital for the first time. He had been in the NICU for the first two weeks of his life. Savannah didn't even know that she had a little brother. I finally felt like his mother! It was a wonderful mothers day gift!

So, what could possibly top that? Today, at church Savannah was in class and they were going to watch a movie. They turned out the lights, and of course poor little Savannah freaked out. Savannah has to have every light on when she enters a room and every light that she sees. She sleeps with her lamp and room light on. It's just what we have to do or she can't handle it. I don't know if it is her OCD, Autism, or if she can't see. Maybe she has a hard time seeing in dim lights already. Maybe it could be all of the above. I have no idea. Maybe one day she can tell me! But anyway, today they brought her down tho me, and I also had Xander. I also felt bad for her teachers. I think they felt really bad. How could they have known. Then, Savannah went for the door. I followed her outside, trying to talk her into coming back inside. She tripped and fell on a step and melted down crying, then again on some rocks and then again on the bottom steps. By then She was going to let me pick her up but, I had Xander in one arm. It was my only way back in. So I tried multiple times to pick up my 50 pounds daughter and with Xander 22 pounds in my other arm, without lifting up my skirt in the proses. It would have been really funny to watch! I got her back inside and my friends husband was there. Savannah threw herself down screaming and kicking and going out of control. He asked what he could do and I gave him Xander. I tried to pick up Savannah to hold her but that wasn't going to happen. Much to my embarrassment Savannah started throwing up her dress over head. A few people started coming out to see who was screaming. I'm sure the whole ward heard Savannah. I just couldn't calm her down. I was trying so hard not to cry. Then, my mother-in-law came out. Savannah finally decided that she wanted a new diaper. She kept saying diaper diaper! So Tim got a diaper for me. I took SAvannah to the bathroom onl;y we can't use the church bathrooms anymore. She is too heavy for the changing tables and she has to lock herself in the stalls. There wasn't an empty classroom around so Ihad to just changed her in the bathroom. Then she locked herself in. I tried to use a coin to unlock it but, it didn't work. Poor Savannah was sitting on the seat with her hands over her eyes screaming. Then I got the guts to get down on the floor and just slide under the stalls. My mother-in-law came in and saw. She wishes she had a camera. LOL Savannah went under that stall into the one next to it. I picked her up and tried to leave but, my husband must of recognized Savannah's screaming and came out of priesthood. Then, She wanted daddy. He couldn't go with her so he put her in the car for me and she scrammed for baby and then daddy the whole way home. When I got her out of the car, she tried to run back to the church. I was able to distract her with the pine cones. She collects them. Then, she freaked out because they had gotten sap on her and we had to wash them off and she got her dress wet. She doesn't like getting wet. Then I finally got her to go inside. I keeled down next to her and asked her if she was okay and she didn't answer me. I just looked at Savannah thinking how horrible this whole thing was for her, and how sad she was, and I gave her a big hug. It made me feel so much better. I felt Savannah's love for me and I was so glad that I could make her feel better. That, as her mother is the greatest thing about being a mom, even if it sometimes takes an hour or two but, I can make her tears go away and have her love. That is the ultimate mother's day gift!

I am so blessed to be Savannah and Xander's mother. I love them with all of my heart and I feel so lucky to spend each day with them and to love and teach my very special children.


  1. Your Mother's Day story makes me giggle. You are an amazing woman!

  2. Happy Mothers Day! You're a great mom and an amazing example to me. I love your how you love and care for and try your best to find the good. You are amazing! I am so blessed to have you as my friend!