Thursday, May 5, 2011

Team, Two Little Reasons Vision Walk Team T Shirts

We are ordering our team Two Little Reasons, Vision Walk Team T shirts. They will be light blue. They are light blue, with Savannah and Xander's hand prints( Xander's 6 fingers), and says Two Little Reasons. My wonderful sister-in-law and friend Becky came up with it! It is so cute!If you are interested in a shirt and want to actually see the logo send my your e mail and I'll email it to you. They are $12.00 per shirt. We want to order them soon in one big order so, we need all orders as soon as possible! We need to know your sizes and how many shirts you want. My email is Don't forget the Costa Vida Benefit day for Vision walk is this Saturday from noon to 8 P.M.! It is at the American fork location only and you have to bring your flyer! I am so excited! Thank you everyone for all of your support!

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  1. Hoping to make it over to the fundraiser tomorrow. That picture of the kids is SOOO cute! I love Savannah's glasses!!