Monday, August 29, 2011

Back To School Party, Part 2

WE had a back to school (Preschool) party last Friday! There was lots of craziness but, what's a party with kids without that? I know that Savannah loved it! She got to play with friends and have, cupcakes, balloons and, chocolate! I know I wouldn't say no to that!

I used my cricket on pretty much all of the decor! I love my cricket! The name tags are wooden apples, painted with chalk paint! Supper easy!

All you need to make edible crayons! Here is the link to the wrappers!
The kids favorite part on making the crayons was tasting the chocolate! LOL!

Crayon cupcakes!

This is my friend's cute little girl, Lulu! She also has BBS. Lulu reminds me so much of Savannah! I love it! I'm so glad they were able to come!

Take home favors!
Edible crayons!

This little guy is so cute and handsome! He is always the only boy, surrounded by the girls!
I almost got sweet little Lulu in the group picture!
I love this picture!
For making crayons, Bake at 225 degrees for 20 minutes. Make sure you put the silicone trays on a cookie sheet!!! I didn't and when I pulled them out of the oven the molds were so soft and flimsy, hot melted crayon spilled all down my arm and I have a souvenir blister. Don't make my mistake!!!

Also, make sure you fill them full!

These are the only shapes we were able to get out. There must be some secret that I don't know for making crayons! If anyone knows PLEASE tell me!

Love the art!

After the party Savannah and Xander looked at books while I cleaned up!

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