Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Savannah's School Journal

This is what Savannah's school journal read today...

Savannah had a fantastic day today. Savannah and a friend (boy) were so cute today! She must see you both holding hands, dancing and even kissing, Because she and this boy held hands, tried to dance, and Savannah tried to sneak in a kiss or 2. Though the friend would back off when she tried that. But, it was adorable! She did so good at learning and listening today!

Me and Court were both laughing when we read this! It is so cute! Court isn't too sure about he feels about her kissing boys though. LOL

I love reading her journal each day when she gets home from school! It is my only source of finding out how Savannah's day went, and they give me her snack time calories that she had. They always say the sweetest things about her and tell me how cute she is about always wanting blue things such as, the blue chairs, the blue balloon, and the blue section of the parachute!
I went to her parent teacher conference last week. Her teacher is so nice! She told me how much they love Savannah and that she is such a doll! She said that Savannah will just randomly giggle, and how cute she is! Right now, Savannah is having a hard time with zoning out and pretending not to see or hear you when someone tells her to do something that she doesn't want to. That's our Savannah. Lol. She is very stubborn! Her teacher said that she is so smart and knows more than some Kindergartners do! I am so proud of my little Savannah!!! We love her!

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