Thursday, December 15, 2011

Savannah's Update 12/15/11

Here's a little update in 5 minutes! Savannah's fever came back yesterday.It was so sad. She looked so miserable. It got up to 104.2. I tried just about everything to get her fever down. She was just miserable. It is hard to get Savannah to do anything that she doesn't want to such as take medicine, a room temperature bath, let me put a cool wash cloth on her forehead... She is very strong and half the size of me. She hadn't eaten or moved off the coach all day.Later in the afternoon her temperature slowly went down. Court got some ibuprofen in her. She finally took a nap, and when she woke up she ate half of a grilled cheese sandwich. She has been drinking fluids.I was so relived that she was finally comfortable!Her temperature stayed below 103 the rest of the night. Later she woke up around midnight and threw up. She was just shaking like crazy. I hate it when she throws up because it really freaks her out. But, we did get her into a bath. She fell back to sleep around 3. I know because Xander woke me up screaming then, and she was still awake watching Chip and Dale.And, No his medicine that is supposed to really help him to sleep doesn't work, I don't think. Lol. After him not going to sleep 3 hours after he had taken first medicine. We decided to try it and he did fall asleep 2 hours after that. Hopefully, Savannah will be better today! I feel so bad that she has missed so much school in the last few months. She loves school! Oh well, time to wake them up!

My brother sent me this link on facebook about treating your child's fever.

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