Saturday, February 11, 2012

Savannah's Valentine Windmills

Savannah's Valentines!
I am in love with these windmills!!! These were so much fun to make with Savannah!
First you cut a 12X12 scrapbook paper into 4 squares, then cut once dangle each corner towards the middle.
Punch out a heart or use your cricket! Put a brad through.

Punch a hole at every other corner, then fold each of those corners in to pin the brad through then close the brad!
I hot glued the windmills to the pencils because I couldn't figure out how to make them spin. If you can figure it out, then way to go!
Savannah worked really hard pushing the windmills into the Valentines carrier box (cereal box, stirephone, hot glue, and scrapbook paper!)

She's so tough! I love her!
We've had so many projects this week!

Savannah loves them! She has been so excited!

I loved them so much I made a little arrangement with them!I know I'm a freak!

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