Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Xander's Learning Box

This is Xander's Learning Box! We started doing this last week, when Xander's O. T. told me about it! I have Xander sit in his blue chair, ( we are also working on sitting.) I put 2 toys in the Learning Box. He has to sign or try to say please to pick out one of the toys, then after he picks one out he has to sit back in his seat, and we play with the toy and work on getting him to talk and he decides what we do with the toy. Then we do it all over again with the second toy! It's been so much fun! We also sing an action song while he sits in his blue chair, just like in his class! And he actually sits! (most of the time!) We are also working on his attention span!

When I get a chance I think i will wrap his box up all cute!I just think this is a funny/cute picture of Sander reaching over to pick up a tool that he dropped!
This is Xander's favorite book! Sometimes he will imitate one of the sounds! I love it!
He loves the burpy monster sound the best because I always say ewww! and he laughs! Such a boy!

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