Sunday, June 24, 2012

June Update

 After school was out for Savannah, I was scared that she might regress. But, it has been just the opposite! We work in her workbook just about every day, we read books, have structured themed days, and play games where she has to read or sound out words! She is so smart and just just loves to learn! It is so fun to teach her! And Xander just loves his learning box and he loves it when we read books! They both could live outside! Savannah has started her Bridges sports camp class once a week and she did awesome! We have been having so much fun going to parks, walks, and water parks, or even just playing outside! We've also been busy with doctors appointments, urologist, cardiologist, and tomorrow Savannah have to have some test done and see their geneticist. It's going to be a long night. They can't eat for 12 hours.Usually, we also see their nutritionist when we go to metabolic genetic clinic at primary's, but, I'm not sure if we are tomorrow. Xander also has his usual, early intervention specialist, speech, occupational therapy, and learning box, which both, Savannah and Xander love! Every time one of them come over Savannah and Xander just can't wait to see what new toys they have brought for them to play with! They are all so wonderful and great with my kids! We love them!
 I also have my group that I go to once a week for mothers with special needs children. I love going! I look forward to it every week! And, Savannah loves every chance that she gets to play in the play room at Kids on the move! Xander is getting so much better! I get to meet amazing women and they inspire me to be a better mother and help give me strength to keep going for another week!

Anyway here is one of our fun projects that we did one day! Birds!!
 WE made bird watching binoculars! they were so fast and easy and there is no gluing!!
All you need is:

cut  paper towel roll into 2 the same size

 Staple together.
 cut paper and staple on rolls.
 I used lots of staples! Then, cut a long piece of yarn and tie 3 knots at each end and staple to rolls, so it can hand around your child's neck! Now you have Bird Watchers!

 The kids loved them!

 Then, we painted little wooden bird houses that we got from Hobby Lobby! Yes, we love our crafts!!

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