Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fairy Sleepover

 A few weeks ago, Savannah had a Fairy sleepover with her girl cousins! She loves it when the girls sleepover! We didn't really do anything that night because we just had our awesome monthly family night with the cousins and it was bedtime when we made it home. So, the next day was all about fairy stuff and fun!!
 One of my cute nieces did Savannah's hair supper cute!  We had a special fairy breakfast!
 With mini fairy blueberry pancakes...
 and fairy fruit!
 Savannah picked out all of her blueberries. LOL! She doesn't like them.

We made Fabric Fairy Wands!
 Just find your old scraps of materials and cut snips off on one of the edges, then rip them just like you would to make hair rags! It's supper easy!
 I would put a dot of hot glue about an inch and a half down the skewer to keep the rags in place. This was a project that I just wanted to use stuff I had. Tie the rags in two knots.
 The girls got creative! You could use two or more colors of fabric. Some of the girls added boas to their wands! When they are done adjust the rags how you want them and put another dot of hot glue at the top of the stick so the fabric wont fall off.

 And here are all the cute fairies! They even made up a cute game called hide the fairy treasure chest! One of us would hide the chest and then everyone had to come find it! Who ever found the chest first got to hide it the next time.  They all had so much fun! I love all my nieces! They are all so sweet and are so good with Savannah and Xander! They have so much fun together!
Keeping it real!
 Fairy popcorn Balls and fairy movie time!
 It's just marshmallows and pop corn! Supper easy! Melt some plain mini marshmallows and mix it up with the pop corn to get it to stick together.
 Fairy popcorn balls!
 Xander got an airplane peanut butter sandwich! I think he loved having all of the girls attention! He is pretty cute!
 The girls had a  Fairy picnic while watching Tinkerbell!
 Later, my sister-in-law came over and the kids ran in the sprinkler!

I love these girls!!

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  1. They are so cute and seem to have had a blast.My little cousin loves tinkerbell.I'll have to try and make the popcorn balls.