Wednesday, June 20, 2012

At The Zoo

 Monday, we went to the Zoo with my mom and Brett. The kids had so much fun and them being in the wagon only lasted not even 5 minutes! They walked the whole time we were there! We didn't have a single meltdown and the kids stayed with us the whole trip! It was so awesome!! Xander also wore his cute hat the entire time! I'm sorry but, I am a picture person, so yes I have lots of pictures!! You know me and my craziness with pictures! One day Savannah and Xander will look back and thank me for photographing everything! Right?

 Love this picture! He's free!!!

 My son, who thinks he's a dog. LOL!
 The sign says Savannah Animals!


 My mom got this adorable dress from my aunt. Savannah just loves it and it looks so cute on her! My aunt has an Etsy shop called MadeWithLoveGrandma She has the cutest blankets for and little outfits for babies and little girls.

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