Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hike The Y Trail

 Last week, one day I decided to take the kids and hike up to the Y. I think I ended up carrying Xander up and down almost the whole time. We didn't quite make it to the top though. It wasn't the awesome adventure and bonding time that I had had in mind yet again, just like our last unpaved trail hike experience, in which at one point I was carrying 2 screaming children down a mountain. But, Savannah and Xander pretty much cried the whole time again. I love hiking and I want Savannah and Xander to love it too but, it was just not happening, and Savannah's tripping on and falling every few steps didn't help. She would just cry harder and try to get me to carry her too. I finally gave in exhausted and my determination was beaten. But, if possible the steep way down was worse for Savannah than going up with a lot more tripping and falling.

 We stooped every once in a while for a water, Binky, apple banana brake

When we got home, I told myself I'd won't take them for a non paved path mountain hike for a least one more year, but we will see! Maybe, I can get Court to do some hikes with just me to get in my hiking fix!


  1. You're freaking AMAZING! I haven't even attempted to take my kids up to Bridal Veil Falls yet this summer. I'm a chicken! You are such an inspiration!

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