Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Fun!

 Here are a few things that the Loves have been up to over the last couple months! Xander is still getting into everything and making lots of big messes, which he is very proud of.
 Our driveway is almost always very colorful!

 Savannah and Xander like to fight over who gets this scooter! They love it when mommy gets on it with them!
 I love that Savannah likes to wear my scarfs! She is so adorable in them!
 I love my church ward! They are all so much fun! A couple months ago, we had a survivor night and made shelters out of  tarps, and chairs!
 We all did a pretty awesome job!
 Court and I ran a 5K together! This is me reviving him! LOL! Just kidding! We thought it would make a funny picture! :)

 The kids and I made a treasure map! I can't wait to use it! It's a nature scavenger hunt!
 Water painting! I just gave the kids scraps of paper, paint brushes and water, and  they had a blast!

 Lots of coloring! Everyone's doing homework with daddy!
 Savannah loves her workbook! I just have to read to her what she has to do and she does it! She is so smart and she always wants to do like 4 to 6 pages every time! She loves it!
 Feeding Ducks!
 Xander terrorizing a duck by chasing it. Crazy boy!
 cooling off our feet!
Splash! Splash!!

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