Tuesday, January 1, 2013

After Thanksgiving

 Savannah and I had been reading Cinderella. We had a Cinderella Carriage kit and Court put it together for her. She was just so excited! Her daddy would do anything for her :)

She loves her pumpkin carriage!

We started this tradition last year that we make a chain of the traditions and family things that we want to do during December. The kids decorate it with stickers and we place it around the tree. Each day we take one off and do what it says. It was really fun for Savannah to make this year and we also used it to show her how long until Christmas because she would wake up every morning and think Santa was there. She had lots of meltdowns every time we told her it wasn't Christmas and she didn't believe us :(

We love this tree because of all of the homemade ornaments. It is full of Christmas memories and stories.
Visiting teaching treats!! I just love baking for my family and friends, especially this time of year!
Savannah was my little baking buddy and she did really well at not tasting, most of the time! :)

Savannah and Xander have been playing with all of our nativity sets. They love them! Savannah kept hiding the baby Jesus. She is so silly!

These are our homemade ornaments, that the kids made. Inside is a foam craft ball. They are just fun!

 Our Christmas Trees!!

 Savannah just had to have the biggest pink fuzzy for the top of her tree and the biggest orange on for Xanders :) I'm so thankful that my kids love to do crazy crafts with me!

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