Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Autism And ADHD

Today I had a meeting at the school that Xander will be attending. There, I was given Xander's rusults for his assessment that he had a few months ago. Xander has mild autism and ADHD. I thought that I was prepared for an autism diagnoses and it wouldn't change anything but when we arrived home and as I turned off the car I just fell apart. All this time I've been so worried about Savannah and all of the things with BBS and her future. And it has terrified me and it makes me so sad. I've always pushed aside thinking about Xander's "what if's." It hit me all at once. My little boy... I became so sad for him. I even had an embarrassing and weak moment of feeling bad for myself.  Why? Why so much? What more could be thrown at us... At my children...

I know i am being selfish. So many people are going through so much more. I'm complaining over little things. I know how blessed I am to have my special little angles. I get to hold them and watch them grow and laugh and I get to love them. Savannah and xander are awesome, and i have seen them do amazing things. i am so proud of them! This is just another test and we can do this. Acceptance is a roller coaster. We are just at the start again and this time I just need to hold on tight and keep my eyes open! It could be a lot worse. We just need to spend more time with him and make sure he knows how much we love him.  Sorry you had to read all of my ramblings but it happens :)

I feel so blessed that he has been given this opportunity to go to this amazing school and to get all the help he needs! Xander is starting school at the end of February, but I have to drive him until he turns 3 at the end of April. This school will be so good for him! he will get all of the attention that he needs. he will catch up and be around kids his age and i really think he will love it! I'll have to start packing lunches and his snacks, also some reenforces. If anyone has some healthy lunch ideas, or non food reenforces ideas PLEASE let me know! I am so excited that I get to voleentered in his classroom  at least 2 hours a week! It's going to be so much fun and I love how involved they have all the families!

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