Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Love Family Pictures 2012

This year we were a little late on our Family pictures. But, with Xander's scowl and all here they are :) Some of these pictures are pretty funny. Just picture it snowing like crazy, the ground was slush, and Xander was being Xander. :)   It is pretty neat though to look at these pictures and think of how far we have come and to know that this is my little family! I love these guys!!


This is probably my favorite picture! I know you can't really tell, but Xander is yelling and trying to get away, Savannah is trying to catch snowflakes with her tong, and Court and I are just laughing at them! LOL :) We were trying to get a fun picture with all of us laughing or smiling.  Well, this is what you get! What can I say!? We are a little quirky!!

Xander trying to escape.

I love little moments like this when I can see just how much Savannah loves her little brother.

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  1. The pictures turned out so darling! Cute family!!!