Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The French Braid

 I've never been able to do a french braid and when I had Savannah I really wanted to be able to french braid her hair.  My mom did mine when I was little, and I just thought that all moms knew how to french braid their daughters hair. I couldn't even do my own. So, I have kept trying and have never giving up. After almost 6 years, this is where I am at! I am very proud of myself! It actually looks like a braid!! I still can't do my own , but  maybe in about 6 more years I'll have it mastered!

1 comment:

  1. I stink at French braiding. I try, but it never gets very far. I would like to braid Lauren's bangs into the rest of her hair. I'm not figuring it out though. lol And now Lauren's hair is short. I did buy these curling things to help with ringlets. I hope my girls let me put them in their hair! I'm excited to use them!