Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Princess Tea Party

My Aunt got Savannah and I tickets for a Princess Tea Party at The Springville Museum of Art. It was perfect! Savannah was so excited and she got to have her picture taken with all of the princess! She was so cute!!

Savannah had to hold her dress like a princess the whole time! IT was so darling!

Each table was decorated so cute!

There were princess activities that we took turns doing and the princess helped the little princesses! First we made bracelets for the Dollhouse Festival, for other little princesses, then they got to make one for themselves!

We listened to a fun little story about a princess.

 Then, we went to the ball and danced like princesses with princess wands!

We took a short little tour of all the beauitful art. Savannah just loved all of the flowers!

My aunt and cousins helped make this adorable tea party lunch-in. It was just so cute!!!

SAvannah was just so excited that I let her eat most of her cupcake!

The little princesses were escorted by princes and they were spotlighted!

This was so much fun! Savannah and I will never forget this very charming tea party and mommy, Savannah memory! We are so excited to go again next year!

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  1. That looks fabulous! I don't doubt that she had a memorable time. I love that she held her dress out. Savannah is adorable.