Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Preparing for Savannah's Baptism

Many of you know that we are LDS. Savannah will be turning 8 next week. When you turn 8 it is a really big and exciting deal. You get to be baptized and make special promises and covenants with our Heavenly Father. It has been hard and just breaks my heart that with Savannah We have never been sure if she can be baptized because of her disabilities and where she doesn't understand it. But we have been hoping and praying and trying to prepare her for next month when hopefully she will be baptized. Savannah feels bad when she does something wrong even though it is something little. She always wants to chose the right. She can't say her own prayers but we help her and she repeats us. She doesn't know how to lie. she wants to be baptized. She has been to many of her cousins baptisms and two of them in the last year or so. At one of them she told me that she wants to wear a white dress too and I told her that when she turns 8 she can be baptized and wear a beautiful white dress just like her cousin. This whole year she has randomly told us that she will be 8 and get baptized. She is just so excited about it. I'm not sure to what extent she understands what will happen and what she is promising to do but we Have been trying to teach her about baptism, why we take the sacerment and about the Holy Ghost, though she still thinks he is an actual ghost. She refuses believe us. She had her bishops interview last Sunday. We are are hoping and praying she can be baptized. We haven't gotten the 100% go ahead yet, but we are preparing for it. We just don't feel it can hurt her and if Jesus was baptized when he was already perfect then I don't see why Savannah can't be.

Today I took Savannah to get her white dress. She was just so happy and her face lit up when she put on the dress! She was so excited that it has a bow in the front and the back! She looked so beauitful! I just love my Savannah so much!! This is going to be such a special day for her.

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  1. My parents went through the same thing with my brother. They weren't sure if when he was baptized if that would make him more accountable for his decisions. He did end up getting baptized and I hope you will get the same opportunity for your sweet Savanah. I think that these special spirits are very dear to our Heavenly Father, and I believe they are the way they are to keep them innocent and free from Satan's power. I know that He knows their hearts, and He knows their intent, and i don't believe they will be any more accountable. They are here to teach us things we never could've learned otherwise. I loved what you said, that even Jesus who was perfect needed to be baptized, because that's how I see them too. My heart goes out to you. Love you Nicolle!