Monday, September 13, 2010

Savannah's Diagnosis Update

Today Savannah had her appointment with the lady with GIANT steps. Afterward she told me that Savannah is in the autistic spectrum. She's going to call me before the end of the week to let me know Savannah's score and where she falls in the spectrum.


  1. OK...I'm writing one comment for all of the awesome posts you just did!
    First off...keep us updated on Savannah. I know it is hard to be patient for answers.
    Second....those flowers are SOOO cute! I want to learn how to make them. I would love some for my girls and I for our hair. And the ones on Savannah's t-shirt are super cute!!!
    I need to make time to craft. Ever since Jessica did the modgepodge demo for Relief Society I have been wanting to do some of those letters. We really should get together and do our crafties! Then I would be motivated to do them instead of just thinking about them!
    Love ya!
    PS Savannah's hairstyles are SO cute! I wish I could do hair like that!

  2. Glad you will finally be able to get answers and help for her.