Monday, September 13, 2010

Savannah's First Day of School!

These two pictures are of Savannah's senond day of school.

Savannah's first day!
Savannah was so excited to get on the bus!
Savannah's teacher is so nice! She says Savannah is so good at school!
It took us forever to get to the bus stop because Savannah had to look at and pick up rocks.


  1. I just caught up on your blog. You are a great crafter an an amazing hairstylist. You are seriously talented. I'm so jealous! Savannah looks so adorable getting reday for school!! I am so glad she is enjoying it. My daughter is on the autisticspectrum as well. I will be curious to see where she falls. If you ever need anything please let me know! I want to help. Especially when you have such a busy week of appointments. What can I do?? Love you!!!

  2. so cute! School is so great! I am so happy to know she likes it.