Monday, September 13, 2010

Hair Flowers

This last week I went a little flower and jam crazy. Sorry Court. I just feel like I have to stay busy. It makes me feel better. The jam is on my food blog. The reason that the pictures of the hair flowers and headbands are all on me is because Savannah was in no way going to let me put one in her hair, let alone stand still to take her picture with them.So, sorry! My hair looks really scarry and I didn't do my make up.

This one is my favorite! I love how it looks vintage pink!

This one is my other favorite. I made it to go with this outfit for Savannah.

I made this clip board and notebook for me to use for Young Womens.

I love scrapbook paper and modge podge!

1 comment:

  1. Everything is so cute. I wish I was crafty. Oh and the burp cloth is so cute- I think it is boy enough with the blue on it!