Monday, November 22, 2010

A sick baby and toddler for Thanksgiving

Xander and Savannah were getting sick last week with runny noses, congestion, and stuff. I thought about taking Xander in Friday but, kept thinking no, he'll get better. Savannah and Xander developed coughs over the weekend. Xander's has gotten really bad and sounds awful when he breathes. You can feel it in his lungs. He is so miserable. He woke up every couple hours last night because he couldn't breath, or his coughing would wake him up. I took both of them in to the doctors this morning and Xander has another ear infection and they are sending a nebulizer over for us to give him breathing treatments, and Savannah if she needs it. Savannah is being put on an antibiotic also. I'm suppose to watch Xander for RSV, and let them know how he is doing. I wish I would have taken him in on Friday. I feel so bad. It looks like we're staying home this week and maybe we'll have our own little family thanksgiving. We were planning on going over to my aunts for Thanksgiving. It might be kinda nice to just relax and have our own mini family thanksgiving. I hardly ever get to spend time with Court. When he's home he usually had to do homework. It will be good for us!

Today I'm thankful for the this time of year where I get to spend extra time with my family and loved ones.


  1. Having a mini family Thanksgiving can be so awesome!
    I'm sorry the kids are sick. Don't feel bad about not taking Xander to the doctor sooner. We have all done that. And I have done it way more than once.
    Love you!

  2. I'm grateful for this time of year too!

    I am glad Xander is feeling better today. Sorry they have been sick.