Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My thoughtful husband

Last night on Court's way home from work, I had him stop by Macey's to pick up some groceries for Thanksgiving. This was my list...

2 red bell peppers
olive oil
ground cumin
2 cans chickpeas
whole wheat pita bread
1 tube refrigerated crescents
2 cream cheese
green onion
1 jar diced pimientos
baby carrots
turkey breast
2 cans cherry pie filling
1 can pumpkin

Now, this is my list that I gave him, but I learned my lesson "don't send your husband to the store by himself," exspecilly when he's been at work all day, then school, and it's 9:00, and he hasn't had dinner. This was his recite...

2 corn nuts chips
2 diced pimentos
6 jello
ground cumin
2 eggnog
4 Pillsbury crescent rolls
4 stuffing
cranberry sauce
2 garbanzo beans
olive oil
turkey bags
4 cream cheese
2 red bell peppers
turkey breast
whole wheat pocket bread
pita pockets
green onion
chocolate chip cookies
chocolate covered cinnamon bears
whip cream

In the end, what should of been a $35.00 grosery trip ended up $72.00. The main reason he said why he had gotten so much was that it was all on sell. I love my husband to death but, this is why it's better for me to do the shopping. He did do something really sweet and thoughtful though. He got me chocolate covered cinnamon bears, which I love!

I am thankful for my crazy, but sweet best friend, my husband Court, and all that he does for me. On his way home from work, for his lunch he stopped at the pharmacy and picked up the kids prescriptions, so I wouldn't have to take them outside to the store again. He could of just came home last night and not of gone to the store, because he was so tired, but he went and even brought me back cinnamon bears! He is the sweetest man ever! I love you Court!


  1. Courtney and Earl must have learned how to shop from the same teacher! Earl ALWAYS brings too much home. You would think after 18 years I would learn not to send him. But sometimes its just too hard to take all the kids and go...and he does usually manage to bring home fun treats!!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is hilarious! Ryan does the same thing. Only not when I send him but when he goes with me. I will be unloading the grocerys onto the belt and wonder how half the stuff got into the cart!