Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This morning I waited for an hour and a half in the waitiing room to take Xander to see the plastic surgon. Court even met me there, but after an hour he had to leave for a meeting for one of his classes. He really wanted to be there. When the doctor came in he said the same thing that all doctors say when they first meet Savannah or Xander. I've never heard of Bardet-Bieldl syndrome. Then he tries to pernounce it. No one can just by reading it. It took me a while before I got it right. He looked at Xander's hand and foot. I found out something new about Xander today. His pinkey on his right hand is curved. I never noticed. We scudled his Surgery to remove his polydactyly on March 21st. I was hoping it would be sooner, so we can just get his first surgery over with, but he's booked until then. Now, I have to figure out what if I'm going to be brave enough to handle to take Savannah with me when I get his x-rays done today.

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