Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christensen Family Christmas Party 2010

These are our homemade family Christmas ordiments. They are all so cute! I love the dear Santa picture frame! I can't wait to get a picture of Savannah and Xander to put in it! My sister-in-law Ashley made them.
Grandma Christensen made this one. I love the saying! It says, " When you see this ordainment on your tree, May you remember the man Who walked the shores of Galilee.
My sister-in-law Erin made these little blocks, with pictures of Grandma and Grandpa Christensen. They are so cute! I think they are a beautiful family keepsake! I love this picture of them! They look so in-love!

We went to the bowling ally up in Blackfoot Idaho to go bowling.
Savannah had so much fun! She always had to have the yellow ball, but she didn't like waiting for her turn.
This is me trying to get Savannah to look at the camera. We would set the bowling ball on the ground and help her push it, then we would clap and shout "ha-ray!" She's a better bowler than me.
Savannah loved playing with the toys downstairs at the party.

Xander was so good, but he did have a blow out up to his neck. That wasn't fun.

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  1. I was wanting to see these pictures. What an amazing family you have. I love all of the ornaments. They all turned out great. So glad you had so much fun!!!