Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Books Advent Calender

My friend gave me this idea. I only have 9 Christmas books so far, but each year I will buy a few more. If you don't have enough books you can get some form the library. So, what you do is, you wrap up separately 24 different Christmas Books. Each night of the month of December you will unwrap one book and read it as a family.
Your kids will have fun unwrapping a different book each night under the Christmas tree! I think it will be a fun family tradition! I love making new family traditions!We will start off tonight with opening 50 Christmas Things To Make And Do. Throughout December we'll make and do fun Christmas things! Savannah will love it! On Christmas eve we'll read the night before Christmas and the true story of Christmas! I'm so excited! I can't wait!
We decorated the tree on Sunday while, watching the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Savannah found all of the stars and had fun putting them all on the Christmas lights wire on one part of the tree. She was so proud of herself, and so were we! Afterward we had hot chocolate and finished the movie. Savannah was so happy, because we even watered down some for her to have. I think it was the first time she's ever had hot chocolate. Ever since then, she keeps taking me to the fridge and says "chalk" "chalk". I feel so bad for her.


  1. I LOVE THIS IDEA! I guess now would be the time to start getting books :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. We do this, and it has to be on the of our favorite traditions!

  3. I love this idea!! I think I may have to steal this idea when I start to have little ones! It's so wonderful that you are so active and involved with your kids, not all mothers are like that.. they should be.. but aren't! You are truly an example of what a good mother should be!